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***May 9th 9am-12pm FCMC Car and Coffee cruise in @ Coffee Crossing, 410 Patrol Rd. Jeffersonville *** May19th FCMC monthly meeting at the American Legion, 1930 McDonald Lane in New Albany, eating at El Nopal 730 Rolling Creek Rd in New Albany at 5:30pm*** ***May 21st Monthly Cruise in at Sellersburg McDonalds, starts at 6pm***

2020 Somernites Cruise Weekend

August 21-23

We started our journey to Somerset KY by meeting at the Shelbyville rest stop.  Kamos took us on a “new “ way there, except  we had a little glitch in our travels, Kamos missed one of his turns and got us lost in Bardstown but we finally ended up on the right road and continued on our way. We stopped in Liberty for lunch at a little diner; after everyone’s bellies were full we proceeded on to Somerset with no more problems.  We arrived at our hotels just in time to check in before heading on the Rattlesnake Run, but just like last year we had a downpour along the run but that didn’t stop us from having a lot fun.  After getting back from the Rattlesnake we huddled under the hotel’s canopy to keep dry while we eat our dinner that was delivered.

Saturday morning came way too earl!  As usual we lined up to get in the gates before 8a low and behold we were the first in line to get in after 3 hours of waiting which enabled us to park around the square.

Saturday night was the usual as well with everyone sitting and watching the burnouts and racing along with cars getting pulled over by the police.  Later we were back under the canopy playing cornhole.

Sunday morning we headed home

Watch out for the Snakes

Kamos, Bill, Janet and Mason
Saturday night cornhole

Heading to Somerset
Saturday morning
Saturday morning before heading to Mustang Alley
Saturday morning
Saturday night jam session
I wouldn’t mind getting pulled over by this “Cop”
On the square, yay!
Mustang Alley finally
Colorful Mustangs

Rich cleaning his car while he waits in line
Kamos cleaning off the road grime from the Rattlesnake
Saturday morning wait
And the wait begins
Lunch at the diner in Liberty KY
Lunch at the diner
Heading south after lunch
Heading south after lunch
Dinner and gab session under the hotel canopy after the Rattlesnake
Cumberland Falls
Rain on the Rattlesnake
Lots of cruves
Now left
Right turnon Rattlesnake
More rain!
Rain on the Rattlesnake
On the Rattlesnake
Lunch at a diner in Liberty KY

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