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**JULY 2020 NEWSLETTER *** July 15th FCMC monthly meeting is pending (due to the pandemic), American Legion 1930 McDonald Lane, New Albany at 7pm, eating at Floyd County Brewhouse 129 W. Main St NA 5:30pm*** July 17th FCMC monthly cruise in, McDonalds 102 Enterprise Way in Sellersburg IN, 6pm – ?

2019 Saturday Drive To Dry Ridge Kentucky

What a beautiful day for a Pony drive thru the back roads of Kentucky. On June 1 we traveled to Dry Ridge Kentucky to visit Uncle’s Leroy’s General Store after going over hills and around a lot of curves we made to the store, did some shopping and had a delicious lunch before leaving Uncle Leroy’s. We did some more hills and curves and ended up at the Smith Berry Winery in New Castle KY for some afternoon refreshments. What a great day with lots of great friends.

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