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**JULY 2020 NEWSLETTER *** July 15th FCMC monthly meeting is pending (due to the pandemic), American Legion 1930 McDonald Lane, New Albany at 7pm, eating at Floyd County Brewhouse 129 W. Main St NA 5:30pm*** July 17th FCMC monthly cruise in, McDonalds 102 Enterprise Way in Sellersburg IN, 6pm – ?

2019 Merritt’s Pony Run and Cookout

We had a great Saturday afternoon, Sept 21st, on our pony trail thru Southern Indiana. We stopped off at the Best Winery in Corydon and hung out for awhile enjoying our favorite beverages and a little music from the local kids. We ended up back at Steve and Nancy’s house for a cook out. Later that evening a few of us sat around to see the Space Station travel overhead……..Steve

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