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Jan 20th FCMC monthly meeting at the American Legion 1930 McDonald Lane in New Albany, eating at Skyline Chili on Grantline Rd New Albany at 5:30pm*** Jan 23rd FCMC Bowling outing, Blackiston Lanes, 1516 Blackiston Mill Road, in Clarksville at 3pm

2019 FCMC Christmas Party

Shiver me timbers, Oh what a night, on Dec 14 FCMC we had our annual Christmas party at Tucker’s in New Albany. This year our theme was Pirates and boy did we have some pretty awesome Scallywags and Wenches. Most everyone dressed up this year, our best Scallywag costume went to Kamos and the best Wench went to Heather, congratulations to both of you on your great costumes. After a buffet dinner of “what else but” fish and chips, chicken fingers, mac and cheese, salad and your favorite beverages we played the games. First off was The Wenches guessing game led hosted by Nancy, where they had to identify car parts, won by Heather. After the Wenches were thru it was the Scallywags turn, this game was lead by Brenda where the Scallywags had to identify things from the kitchen and sewing items, Scott won this game, correctly guessing 14 out of 20 items. And Steve’s all time favorite, “The Not So Newlywed Game, which was pretty funny considering some of the questions he asked, but I won’t get into that!! Jason and Jessica won this game hands down. The grand finally game as usual was the “Chinese Gift Exchange”, which by the way got really cut throat with people stealing each other gift, but I guess after we were Pirates. One thing you can’t say is we have boring parties. If you missed it this year you missed a really great time. Mark your calendars for next year’s party Dec 12 2020 and just a little hint, the theme to next year party is “Elf” so start planning your costume for next year. Hope to see you there.

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